Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Learn to win

There are many great sites that will help you win
I love this site for WIN IT WEDNESDAYS
and for Freebie Friday Wins

They have a nice big fat list of sweepstakes on facebook that you can enter. Of course you will want to make friends with all the sweepers on Facebook as well as some of these ask to "tag" a friend, etc.. Wednesdays and Fridays can be a lot of fun for Sweepstakers.

Many sweepsers will post on their page and ask as a courtesy who can I tag for sweepstakes?

- Here are a few more ways to get those Win It Wednesdays and Freebie Fridays and the like ..

Type in the search bar on facebook #WINITWEDNESDAY, do the same on twitter and all your other social media outlets.

GOOGLE IT with the day's date!

There are other sweepstake sites, blogs, etc.. that list these.. I just want to get you started winning these. The nice thing about facebook sweepstakes is that not everyone enters. If you look at the total amount of people that entered it seems at most you will have less than 3000 people compared to other sweepstakes that can be a lot more.

The downside of some facebook sweepstakes.. some say come back and see if you won.. this can be a pain especially if you are new.. but you can make a list and check back.. or  type in the facebook search bar and google searches , etc.. Winner, Congratulations ,etc.. and your name to see if you won anything too. Plus it is always nice if fellow sweepers message or let each other know - Example if someone sees that Becky won .. it would be nice if 2-3 friends wrote on her open board Congratulations Becky I just saw you won the .. xyz sweepstakes.. The more you help your other sweeping friends the more they will want to help you - Most of this hobby is the friendships you make and helping each other. Most sweepstakers are very nice and help each other. It is a very giving hobby. But Most Companies will message you or email you to congratulate you - Smart companies WANT you to WIN and try to make it as easy as possible. Facebook contests are easy and I personally think are easier to win as not as many people enter.

Here are a few sweepstakes to get you started today :) Easy just click to enter

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Feeding time

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